Fight Fear With Funny, Let compassion be contagious


Humor For Hope partners with families, caregivers, and medical staff to utilize humor as a form of healing therapy.

Safety, trust, connection and being in the present moment are requisites for healing from trauma and they are also the foundation for improvisation. This overlap is the cornerstone of Humor for Hope’s work.  

We break down the pre-established barriers of how we process and react to illness by educating and implementing the art of improvisation through one-on-one and group therapy. At Humor for Hope, we believe that the human spirit is not only resilient, but that it is wired for human connection. For this reason, we have created an interactive, innovative approach for overcoming the lingering effects of traumatic experiences that become deeply lodged in the psyche and the body. We seek to empower and transform the lives of those suffering from illness and trauma by infusing those lives with laughter, healing and hope.

The body remembers what the mind doesn’t want to, therefore, some experiences imprint themselves in the body far beyond where language can reach. Nobody can ‘treat’ a war, death, disaster, abuse, neglect or any other horrendous act or event, but what can be tended to are the imprints of trauma on the body, mind, and spirit.

We offer an alternative and effective model to handling some of life's most challenging circumstances.

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Our mission is to provide children suffering from trauma, acute, chronic, or terminal illness an opportunity to experience improvisational comedy as a therapeutic intervention.