Using the rules of improvisation, Humor For Hope empowers children and families to cope with the ongoing challenges of trauma, acute, chronic, and terminal illness. We do this by equipping children, families, medical teams, and child life specialists with new tools to change the way they encounter and process the effects of their experiences and environments.



  • In-patient 1 on 1 individual trauma informed humor therapy
  • Therapeutic process groups 
  • Comedy writing
  • Improvisation skills
  • Empowerment over diagnosis
  • Resilience building


  • Medical resident retreat workshops
  • Nurse retreats
  • Compassion care trainings
  • Professional health care trainings
  • Social services provider trainings
  • Self care + burn out trainings
  • Corporate team development workshops + trainings


  • Customized humor therapy for patients placed on isolation units
  • Group based trauma informed humor therapy 
  • Trauma informed improvisation compassion care coaching for medical professionals, clinicians and child life specialists 
  • Customized humor therapy workshops for grief, loss, trauma
  • Therapeutic group processing


  • Improvisation
  • Humor therapy
  • Trauma informed care
  • Therapeutic group work 
  • Individual customized care
  • Team building
  • Mental health
  • Empowerment through self efficacy
  • Compassion care
  • Post traumatic growth
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Refugee populations

Survivors of community & gun violence

Survivors of abuse + neglect

Populations affected by mental illness

Hospitalized populations in intensive care units

Medical + social service providers

Undeserved + impoverished communities

Populations suffering from post traumatic stress

Terminally + chronically ill patients placed in isolation units



Humor For Hope primarily works in Chicago, Illinois but is currently building relationships to expand the program nationwide. This interactive educational experience + therapy can be implemented in any hospital, refugee camp, nursing home, rehabilitation center, educaitonal  or therapeutic setting working alongside of local Improv comedians, medical professionals, families, and communities. Contact us if you are interested in bringing Humor For Hope to your hospital or community.


Improv-based therapy is proven to increase confidence, reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Our program elevates hope, increases energy, builds resiliency, supports the development of new coping behaviors, and improves the overall quality of life. These tools affect every aspect of a patient and their support systems life. Based on our data and results, we realize that the impact of humor based therapy doesn't stop at the hospital door.