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Improv for Team Building

By using the main principle of improv YES AND, together we work on collaboration and strengthening team dynamics. The fundamentals of improvisation are explored by covering the concepts and skills of listening, presence, environment, and character through interactive sharing, exercises and games.

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Improv for Patient Care 

An introduction to improvisation and effective communication skills, focusing on listening, compassion care, collaboration, and creative problem solving and how these skills can be utilized in the medical field, social service sector and any patient care setting. This workshop combines a series of interactive improvisation based exercises and games with psychology and trauma informed care in order to ensure more positive patient-provider interaction.

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Improv for Compassion Care & Empathy 

Focusing on subtext, listening, emotion and relationship work in improvisation, students will express and interpret language and ideas through a variety of interactive communication exercises. This workshop covers cognitive and affective empathy, psychology, perspective taking and empathic listening  and offers a multidimensional approach to improvisation and the biopsychosocial model. 





Improv for trauma + trauma informed care

By using utilizing trauma informed care practices, therapeutic group processing and improvised situations, we address trauma in a collaborative, judgement free and safe environment. Through the use of imagination, being present, character creation, somatic exercises, breath work, grounding techniques, mindfulness and active participation in a variety of guided improvisational exercises, we approach trauma in a innovative, therapeutic and safe way.

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