Syrian Refugee Trip Update

Hello laugh ambassadors,

First of all, we want to acknowledge our absence and let you all know that the members of our team who were working along the Syrian border are alive and well and they have begun the final leg of their journey towards home.

We want to humbly thank you for your patience and unwavering support throughout this process. Humor for Hope wouldn’t have been able to carry out this life-changing mission without you. Because of you, many incredible Syrian children were able to laugh, play, process and simply be children again.

Unfortunately, due to location of the work, strictly enforced communication restrictions and immediate personal safety concerns, our team was unable and prohibited from sharing anything throughout the duration of our trip.

Please know that despite unforeseen obstacles, deeply enriching and meaningful work was carried out and our crew will need time to acclimate, settle and process all that was witnessed and endured.  As we begin to tease through this journey, we will be sharing the fruits of our work with you all.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to add goodness to the world. And thank you again for your patience and support.

With overwhelming love,

Humor for Hope

Hope England